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Don't forget your Tongue Twisters!

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Toughest Tongue Twister


Tongue twisters are an incredible approach to voice warm-ups. It gets you in the mood, makes the tongue flexible, imparts fluency and also helps you to focus on the words that you are going to read. It helps you to build your concentration too.

Focus on chunks of words, one at a time and enunciate them consciously without slurring and repeating them in a rhythmic fashion. Then increase your difficulty level by adding different feelings or emotions to the tongue twisters.

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Give different expressions and emotions while saying the tongue twisters. Here is a million dollar tip:> use the Navrasas.

The Navrasas are the Nine Sentiments or Expressions used in different Indian art forms like Bharatnatyam, kathak etc. In Indian acting schools too the Navrasas play a very important role in honing ones acting skills.

The Nine Rasas are: Shant, Veer, Krodh, Adbhut, Vibhastsya, Karun, Hasya, Bhaye and Shringar. They mean:

1. Shant - Quiet 2. Veer - Hero 3. Krodh - Anger 4. Adbhut - Surprise 5. Vibhastsya - Disgust 6. Karun - Pathos 7. Hasya - Comedy 8. Bhaye - Fear 9. Shringar - Beauty

First practice your chosen tongue twister to perfection. Now, try to say it in each of the navrasas listed above. Here some acting knowledge will be very useful. Next, increase the speed as you gain control of your tongue and expression.

This method will work out your tongue, mouth muscles and help in brain - mouth co-ordination. But, most importantly it utilizes your acting muscle, as at the end of the day we all know that voice overs is eventually nothing but voice acting.

Written by me ;)
C'mon friends now comment good tongue twisters here for others to practice.

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