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Voice Acting: Beyond the Reach Of AI

Year 2023, AIs are getting smarter and are swamping the world. People have started to wonder will Artificial Intelligence soon replace humans even in jobs like acting?

Let’s explore this idea and see why real voice actors can't be fully replaced by AIs.

Actors in movies and shows do more than just say their lines – they make you feel in a certain way; like - the way you feel for a friend when you understand what your friend is going through.

AIs can sound like humans, but they don't really feel emotions or understand characters like we do. Actors can show emotions and can express their feelings because they can understand characters deeply.

Think of it like this: a computer can copy a drawing, but it won't understand why the drawing is important to you. Imagine a friend reading a story to you versus an AI reading the same story. The AI might sound okay, but it won't make you feel the same way because it doesn't really know what the story means to anyone.

The AI may know the emotion of sadness as a particular algorithm but the actor knows sadness for real and doesn’t limit its scope to some formulas but explores the tremendous spontaneity and truth of the emotion.

Voice actors use their hearts and minds to create connections with listeners, and that's something machines can't quite do, they can't replace the magic that the voice actor brings to stories.

So, even as technology gets better, there's something about the way humans connect through emotions that can't be copied by machines. Voice actors turn words into feelings and create a bridge between stories and our hearts.

So, the next time you enjoy a movie, show, or even an audiobook, remember the special role that voice actors play in making those experiences unforgettable.

After all, voice acting is all about emoting feelings and instilling feelings in the listener’s mind.

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Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta
Aug 30, 2023

This made so much sense. This is the fear every VO artist has nowadays. Thank u for addressing this issue.


Vaishali Limaye
Vaishali Limaye
Aug 29, 2023

So wonderfully written Priti ! Totally agree with “there no replacement to the human connect “ . AI Robotics and so many more future technologies to come but nothing replaces the human connect and more so the voice !

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